What's all the fuss with CoWorking?

We believe people come to this part of the country for its beauty, tranquility and offerings of outdoor adventure. Since many people work from home or have the ability to work from anywhere there is phone and internet access, we offer you a place to work without having to travel far from home.

Excellent internet

Fast. Really fast. There isn't a transfer that'll outpace our connection. We've partnered with a top-notch ISP in Woodland park to bring the you reliable service that with blazing speeds.

Inspiring workspace

Creating a place that would be inviting required that the workspace was wide open. You'll love the warm, collaborative commons with views of Pikes Peak that will inspire your next project.

Conference rooms

CoWorking doesn't mean cramped. Our first come, first serve conference rooms are private and quiet. Step in, close the door and collaborate in privacy.

Quiet phone rooms

Don't need a conference room but still need a quiet place to make a call? No problem! Our private phone rooms will create the space you need to make that important call without having the buzz of BaseCampWP interrupt your conversation.

High tech equipment

Woodland Park's talent is unique. We have professionals from many high-tech trades that live in the solitude of Teller County. Knowing that we have amazing talent all around us it was important to us to provide high-tech solutions for our community. Check out extra monitors or reserve the recording studio to create your next podcast.


We've heard that you can do great work without coffee, we've just never witnessed it! BaseCampWP is committed to fueling your creativity with all of the coffee you can handle as part of your membership.